Runner's Snack Box Fake Cheese 20oz Water Bottle
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Runner's Snack Box Fake Cheese 20oz Water Bottle

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All proceeds from purchasing this item will be donated to my Give Kids the World campaign for the Wine & Dine 2023 Half Marathon weekend! I'll be running the 5k, 10k, AND the Half Marathon!

If you'd rather donate directly, please see my Tiltify campaign (being monitored by Give Kids the World) here:

Ever feel like you need a gentle reminder of genetically modified cheese? Possibly served without tortilla chips? We all do, dreamer.

This is an insulated, powder-coated aluminum, 20oz water bottle that comes with a loop grip for hooking to your backpack, belt, or just for easier carrying! The engraving is done by me, in my wee garage, with my awesome laser!

Note: Does not come with cheese.