Galaxy Shoulder Bag for Dolls (1:3 Scale, 60cm)


You didn't think I'd just stick to clothing after 20 years of bagmaking, right? Of course not! 

This is a fully functional, 1:3 scale shoulder bag. It's interfaced to hold its shape and lined with a purple waterproof canvas. Chrome hardware is functional, but also gives the bag a more realistic appeal. The bag does not have a closure on it, so you can use it to hold additional props for all of your photography needs!

Note: The book I used is a "Tiny Book" by Insight Editions. They are VERY cute books, and I highly recommend them!

Stain Prevention Disclaimer:

Vinyl and Resin dolls are highly prone to taking on dyes from clothing and accessories. Although I pre-treat all fabric, you should always take care of your dolls and protect them with stain protection undergarments! (Besides, going commando isn't all that comfortable. Your dolls will thank you.)

* Doll and tiny book not included.